About Us

About us’ is really about you!

Our specialization and business focus is centered on you, the hobbyist.

Early on, with the help of top japanese breeders and hobbyists, we were encourage to bridge the demand for top kois targeting the serious hobbyists and locating the right bloodlines from those breeders. It was one thing to acquire top quality kois and another to optimize their full potentials. Both are key challenges for the serious hobbyist.

We have nurtured special access to most of the famous breeders with priority and first choice selection of top kois. With this privileges comes an implied promise to optimise the full potential of such kois. We stand unique in the koi hobby in helping customers grow their kois in a way to realize their full potentials. For these reasons, top breeders work hand-in-hand as they entrust in us their top fishes and reputation.

Max Koi Farm is owned and managed by Max Ng who has over 16 years of koi passion and experience. Each year, he spends over 4 months in Japan and makes at least 10 trips. A commitment that has allowed him special access to top koi breeders, testing growing techniques, experimenting with nutrition in koi feed, developing indepth knowledge of various bloodlines.

Underlying this commitment to kois and our focus on growing kois, where kois end with the breeders, they continue with Max Koi Farm. Combining the the principals of top bloodlines, nutrition science, technology and water management, we are ready to serve the international koi customer and hobbyist. We will readily share our insights and experience.

Call us to have a chat on optimising the growth of your koi and seek out a special koi from top breeders.

Discuss growing techniques or let us advise you how technology can solve some of your pond problems. Visit our farm and check out top kois in our 1300 tons concrete pond.